Who has it Right, the White House or Norwegians?

If you are an American looking at the benefits of Nordic living with envious eyes, then are the White House economists right in telling you that you have never had it so good? So, how come you’re falling short when it comes to healthcare, employment and parental leave as a policy that seems to avoid the US?

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With the 2020 American elections coming around the corner, all the stops have been put out by the current republican party to remind everyone that not only is America Great Again, but people are now in a better situation. With what has seemed like weekly bad press for Trump and his office since his inauguration in 2016, it is time to remind everyone that no matter what the United States comes first. With Senator Bernie Sanders back in the fold for the Democrats, who is a self-confessed socialist, the White House has been quick to publish bad press on the poor economic structures of socialist countries. However, the Sanders approach is taking in more of the Nordic qualities and none which were demonstrated by the USSR or Cuba.

An American and Scandinavian comparison

Places like Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Finland are key examples of states with strong welfare principles that provide their proven high quality of living. So, should this be something the United States government should aspire too? Well, not if you’re in the White House looking to continue with making America great again.

  • When it comes to life expectancy, Norway comes with an average life expectancy of 82, which is 1.9 years more than in America.
  • Stateside 36.2% of Americas are obese. In Norway, that number is 23.1%.
  • The US, the GDP is $59,500 per capita, whilst Norwegians can enjoy $71,800 per capita.
  • In America, an average of 100,000 births sees 14 women die during childbirth. In Norway you are over 64% less likely you suffer this fate with the average of 5 women dying to this figure.
  • In the United States, only 76% of the population can access the Internet. Norway scores 97%.
  • cost of living is lower in Norway with cheaper restaurants, groceries and transportation.
  • The cost of healthcare is unsurprisingly lower in Norway with them healthcare costs 43% lower.

America comes with three benefits, however.

  • American has cheaper housing at 15% less than the average Norwegian cost.
  • Casinos and gaming contributes $261 billion to the United States economy. In Norway there are no casinos, however, there are plenty of places to gamble on the horseracing out there. Norwegians look for gamble entertainment at the best online casino.
  • School and education spending is higher in the US, which is 54% higher than that in Norway.

Does the American lifestyle give you a better life long-term?

The socialist report spewed by the White House does fail to mention many important factors then went beyond income. For instance Americans like to play Online Casinos as featured here (www.1onlinecasinocanadarealmoney.ca/playamo.html)

It’s evident that the US would have a far richer advantage when it comes to finances, but if you align the source of income to the cost of military activity funding, then it doesn’t bow well morally. The issue with the White House is that if you shout money loud enough, this seems to become the most important factor for people in the US without knowing what it all means. Shout non-profit social progress and you’d be called a socialist, with US people not fully knowing what it all means.